Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP)

NEW - Members are encouraged to take advantage of the $750 per ton rebate on NEW GSHP installations.

REPLACEMENT - Members may be eligible to receive a $400 per ton rebate for the replacement of an existing GSHP unit that meets specified replacement guidelines.

New Appliances

ENERGY STAR Window Air Conditioner - $50

  • Window AC unit must be ENERGY STAR rated
  • Limit of one (1) rebate per member location
  • Rebate will only apply for replacement of an existing window AC unit

Electric Water Heater - $50

  • Must have a minimum 90% efficiency rating and be larger than 40 gallons
  • Tankless, gas, hybrid heat pump or point-of-use water heaters do not qualify
  • Limit of two (2) per member location; existing or new homes
  • Application must be submitted for rebate within 90 days of purchase
Business Lighting Rebates

Purpose and concept: To provide schools, commercial, industrial and agricultural cooperative business members a high-efficiency lighting rebate program. Members may have a mixture of existing lighting systems that offer a high potential for energy efficiency lighting replacements. By installing new high-efficiency lighting, members can lower their operating and maintenance costs, reduce cooling loads and enhance lighting levels.

Rebate dollars are for lighting fixtures and bulbs, not for the labor to install or the miscellaneous equipment needed for installation.

Eligible new lighting equipment includes:

  • Light emitting diodes (LED) bulbs and fixtures
  • LED exit signs
  • Other technologies may qualify

Eligibility Criteria - Members must be in good standing with the cooperative; must have 10 or more fixtures to qualify; receipts and lighting spec sheets must accompany completed application; rebate is based upon $0.06 per kilowatt-hour saved, but cannot exceed 40% of total capital cost of the new lighting equipment. All requirements must be met in order to qualify for rebates and all rebate applications must be properly completed. Rebates for retrofit fixtures or replacement bulbs only. New construction projects are not eligible for rebate.

Rebate Forms

Ground Source Heat Pump Rebate Application

Electric Water Heater Rebate Application

Energy Star Window Air Conditioner Rebate Application

Business Lighting Rebate Application

Contact the Cooperative office at 573-581-3630 to ask your rebate questions.