The Cooperative will furnish to its members one or more controlled dusk-to-dawn light per applicable rate schedule.

The guidelines for dusk-to-dawn lights are as follows:

  • The dusk-to-dawn light shall remain the property of the Cooperative.
  • The Cooperative will maintain only the dusk-to-dawn light.
  • The dusk-to-dawn light shall be connected through the meter.
  • The dusk-to-dawn light may not be switched or controlled manually.
  • As a general rule the dusk-to-dawn light will be installed on the meter pole.
  • The dusk-to-dawn light may be installed in other locations only after approval by the Cooperative.
  • Installation in locations other than the meter pole will be at the expense of the member.
  • Should a member request a dusk-to-dawn light be removed, then request that it be reinstalled at the same account location for the same member within a twelve (12) month period, a charge of $120 will be made to the member.