Meter safe, avoid fines



Electrical safety is a primary concern for Consolidated Electric Cooperative employees and directors.

Removing electrical equipment carries the potential to harm yourself and others. Neighboring members on the same line and utility personnel that work on those lines are all at risk when someone tampers with electricity or electrical equipment. In attempt to prevent these risks, Cooperative employees stress the importance of never cutting the seal on a meter base or removing a meter for any reason.

New technology and metering equipment helps cooperative staff monitor system reliability. When a member or electrician removes a meter, notification of that break in service is now sent to Cooperative personnel. It is known that sometimes members needing to perform electrical work on their side of the meter will temporarily pull the meter in order to complete that work. That is illegal, unsafe and will now result in fines to the member.

The Cooperative can assist members in making it safe for that work to be performed. Members have two options. The first is, contact the cooperative in advance to request the installation of a 200 amp breaker box. The Cooperative will provide a 200 amp breaker box and charges the member for installation. Having a breaker box allows the member to safely perform work on their side of the meter at any time and also keeps neighbors and utility personnel working down the line safe. It is important to note, the Cooperative maintains ownership of the breaker box and will replace parts and maintain it at no cost to the member. 

The second option is to contact the cooperative during regular working hours, 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. to request a meter disconnection. By doing this, time for a maintenance crew to disconnect the meter can be coordinated. The member will be charged trip fees at a minimum of $240. Once disconnected, the crew can arrange a time with the member for a return trip to reconnect the meter when the work is completed. When applicable, additional charges may be billed to the member choosing this option. Contact the cooperative office to determine which option best suits your needs.

Members performing work that results in meter removal without cooperative personnel assistance will be billed for meter tampering and other applicable charges at a minimum of $500.

Please contact the Cooperative office at 573-581-3630 to schedule the installation of a 200 amp breaker box or make arrangements for a maintenance crew to disconnect your meter to keep yourself, your neighbors and linemen safe.