What are Capital Credits? Your Money.


This is your business. As a member, you have a share in the margins remaining at the end of the year, called your Capital Credits. After all expenses for furnishing your energy have been satisfied, money left over is set aside for you.

Capital Credits are divided among all members, based on the amount and cost of electricity used for the year.

They are also the equity for the Cooperative, and make it possible to secure loans and maintain facilities and services. When the equity level is high enough, the Board of Directors can authorize disbursement, based on current financial standings.

You will receive an Allocation notice after the close of each fiscal year if there were margins. A Capital Credit Allocation table will appear in the middle section of your April bill indicating the value of your share for the year.

Annual Capital Credit disbursements, when approved by the board, are generally paid to members in late May. A current address file of former members helps us deliver checks when funds are disbursed.