Conserving electricity can help reduce your bills during hot and cold weather

Although your cooperative and its power suppliers are not asking for your help with energy conservation during this hot weather, you may choose to voluntarily conserve energy in effort to keep your electric bill from being extremely high from additional usage.

Here are a few tips you can consider implementing to help keep your electric bill managable.

During heat-related weather events, members can conserve energy by:

    • Raising thermostats
      • Turn the thermostat up a few degrees. For example, if a normal setting for your home is 70 degrees, raise it to 75 degrees.
      • If you will be gone for a few days, consider turning the thermostat to a higher setting
    • Limit the use of large appliances.
      • Use a crock pot, microwave or BBQ grill to prepare meals. Try to avoid turning your oven and stove-top on.
    • Unplug devices that are not in use.
    • Turn off unnecessary lights.
    • Keep blinds and curtains closed.

During cold-related weather events, members can conserve energy by:

    • Letting the sun in. Open curtains and blinds to allow the heat of the sun in.
    • Weatherstrip, caulk or cover drafty windows and doors to keep the cold air out.
    • Seal air leaks around pipes, gaps around chimneys, recessed lights and in unfinished areas.
    • Consider using a programmable thermostat.
    • Set the thermostat as low as comfortable when you are home and awake. Lower the setting a few more degrees when you are away or asleep.
    • Replace HVAC filters every month.
    • Regularly clean the flue vent of wood and pellet burning heaters and clean the inside of the applicance with a wire brush periodically to ensure it is heating efficiently.