The most efficient heating and cooling system available...and Consolidated Electric is offering a rebate of $750 per ton of heating capacity to members who install qualifying NEW GSHP systems!

Rebates will also be available for members who need to replace existing GSHP units with new qualifying GSHP units. Members meeting guidelines to replace existing GSHP units will be eligible for a rebate of $400 per ton of GSHP heating capacity.

Members may pick up a GSHP rebate application in the Cooperative office, call to request one be mailed to them or by downloading here.


To learn more about how ground source heat pumps operate take about four and a half minutes to watch the "Understanding the Underground Source of Year-Round Comfort" video that highlights the features and benefits of ground source heat pumps for residential members.

The ground source heat pump is the ultimate heating, cooling and water heating system. Ultimate efficiency. Ultimate affordability. Ultimate safety.

This is why:

  • It is much easier to move heat than it is to create it. The ground source heat pump capitalizes on the constant 55-60 degree temperature of the earth to provide winter heating, summer cooling and year-round water heating.
  • The system uses three basic components: the heat pump unit itself, the pipe loop buried in the earth and the pump to circulate fluid through the loop. The antifreeze solution that circulates through the special plastic pipe picks up heat from the earth in even the coldest weather, and using sufficient home ductwork, blows 100+ degree warm air throughout the house. No backup heating system is needed.
  • In the summertime, the process is reversed automatically. The heat pump removes heat from inside the house. Operating just like the refrigerator in your kitchen, this system pulls heat from your home. The heat is then carried by the fluid in the pipes through the system and is transferred to the earth. A ground source heat pump guarantees you constant cooling relief during the hot summer.
  • As an added benefit, you can utilize the waste heat from your home to heat 60-70% of your domestic hot water.
  • And best of all, a ground source heat pump is very efficient. Compare the 300% efficiency of a heat pump unit to the 90-95% efficiency offered by the most expensive gas furnace.
  • Because of its efficiency, a ground source heat pump can lower home heating costs 50-70% and reduce cooling costs 30-40% over conventional systems.
  • Once your ground source system is installed, you will reap the benefits of lower utility costs. Savings will continue year after year, allowing you to recuperate the initial costs often within three to seven years.