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"It's said you can't believe everything you read. But you'd better believe it's important to pay attention to all electrical warning signs and labels."

These warnings are there to help keep you safe from the danger of potentially fatal electrical shock. Always read and obey safety signs to keep electric power working safely for you.

Using Farm Machinery Safely

Today's farm machinery can easily reach above the height of power lines - potentially putting your safety at risk whenever you use or move any equipment.

Be aware of your equipment's reach and height - including radio antennas, and keep all parts of the equipment at least 10 feet away from power lines. Understanding the 10-foot-rule will help keep you working safely.

Drive Safely

Harvest Safety

You might not encounter many traffic hazards when operating machinery on the farm, but driving safely should still be your first priority, especially when equipment is near power lines.

Any contact between farm machines and electric lines is potentially lethal. Plan yo

ur path to be sure you will clear power lines by at least 10 feet, especially when making turns and when entering and leaving the field.

Be Wise to Guy Wires

Did you know that guy wires on power poles provide grounding as well as support? Damaging a guy wire can cause an electric current disruption, creating a dangerous situation.

Notify Consolidated Electric Cooperative should you have a problem with overhead or guy wires immediately.

Place this number 573-581-3630 in your machinery cab or save it in a mobile phone for quick, easy access in case of an emergency.