Business Lighting

Business LightingBusiness Lighting Program

Business LightingAs another component of the Take Control & Save Energy Efficiency program, CEC will work with commercial, industrial and agriculture business cooperative members to investigate possible rebates for high efficiency lighting upgrades.

Often members have a mixture of existing lighting systems that have high potential for energy efficient lighting replacements. By installing new high-efficiency lighting, members can lower their operating and maintenance costs, reduce cooling loads and enhance lighting levels.

Eligible lighting equipment includes:

  • Fluorescent T-5 and T-8 lighting systems with electronic ballasts
  • Metal halide and high pressure sodium fixtures
  • 2-piece compact fluorescent bulbs and fixtures
  • LED exit signs
  • Other technologies

Rebates will be calculated based on cost and improvement measures.

Rebate Requirements:

  1. Applicants must be a CEC member.
  2. Only applicants that have greater than 10 bulbs or fixtures qualify.
  3. Members interested should contact the Cooperative to discuss the program and obtain the lighting rebate application.
  4. Before and after walk-through audits will be required.
  5. Members and/or their selected lighting vendor will complete the application.
  6. Vendors installing new lighting will be responsible for appropriate disposal of replaced fixtures/bulbs.

*Additional requirements will be addressed when the member contacts the Cooperative.