Surge Arrestors

StormGuard Surge Protection

The StormGuard program thru Consolidated Electric consists of two stages of protection for your appliances and electronics. The first stage is a service-entrance device designed to prevent lightning and other surges from ever entering your home.

Installed at the service entrance, the Hard Wire Protector provides protection against power surges up to 300,000 amps. Consolidated Electric can suggest an electrical contractor to perform the installation, or you may choose a qualified installer on your own.

The device carries a $25,000 electro-mechanical warranty* against damage to connected appliances or other electronic equipment, should the unit fail or a surge more powerful than the rated protection enters your home through the circuit breaker panel.

The first stage handles all but the most powerful surges. But the key to the StormGuard program is the extra protection of two separate stages.

The second stage comes from plug-in surge protection strips you install at each outlet. Consolidated Electric offers a variety of these devices to enhance the security of computers, televisions, stereos, and any other equipment susceptible to damage from surges which originate within the home, or large surges which might get past the first stage for protection. These plug-in surge suppression devices are available as part of the StormGuard surge protection program.

StormGuard Benefits

  • Protection from a wider variety of power disturbances by the two-stage system of the program.
  • Added security from lightning energy and other surges from outside your home.
  • A broad range of protection for hard-wired appliances such as dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers, and comfort systems.
  • Additional plug-in protection for sensitive electronic equipment such as computers, televisions, satellite equipment, fax machines and telephones.
  • Increased protection from surges inside the home,  including those caused by wiring problems, loose connections, and fluctuating demand from large motors (such as vacuum cleaners, major appliances and heating and cooling equipment).
  • Less worry about expensive repairs, major inconveniences and disruptions caused by damage to appliances and equipment you depend on every day.
  • Better understanding and implementation of the program through information and installation support from you electric cooperative.

*Warranties are provided solely by the manufacturers of surge protection devices, rather than by Consolidated Electric Cooperative. It is recommended that a qualified electrician install the hard wire devices. Failure to install any of these devices correctly voids all warranties. Make sure all systems are properly grounded prior to installation.